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Microblading dual blade method vs. Microblading done by a machine

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Microblading with machine. My top 5 surprising differences.

The vast array of industry terminology seems to get people muddled up, so many call the machine method of permanent makeup "microblading with machine". 2. Both methods are regularly used for eyebrows, however the machine method of permanent makeup is more commonly used for eyeliner and lips. 3. Both methods are often referred to as semi.

Microshading (Microblading + Shading)

A slightly more uncomfortable sensation than the machine method although, topical anesthetic is used in both procedures. Due to the handheld tool, good technique and a technician with excellent knowledge is paramount for microblading as depth is much harder to control, so, a higher risk of scarring and a little more 'downtime'.

Microblading Machine Qingmei

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Microblading Machine Qingmei

4. Digital machines. Digital permanent makeup machines are the best in the market today. They allow easy needle disposals and have speeds of 100 to 180 hits per second. There are different brands of digital machines. The OPM Machine by Organic Permanent Makeup is designed especially for microblading, as it is extremely gentle on the skin.

Before & after 1st microblading + machine shading session. You can see

While most artists consider nanoblading to be microblading done with a nano blade, others call their machine hair stroke technique nanoblading, but more on that below. An untrained eye probably won't be able to distinguish between these 2 different types of microblading, but nano blades are quite a bit thinner, and they create thinner strokes.

Microblading Machine Qingmei

Cost of Microblading With A Machine. Machineblading is more costly than traditional microblading. An experienced artist can handle the machine well to create a different look, so an experienced artist will cost you high. Machine brows price varies from 500$ to 1200$. If an artist uses a combination of manual microblading and machine, then the.

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Machine Selection: Key Considerations Needle Configuration and Comfort. When choosing a microblading machine, consider the needle configuration and which style feels most comfortable and natural for precise work. Some machines hold needles in a pen grip, while others use cartridges. The style with the best ergonomics and control will allow you.

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Microblading Styles Breakdown. Microblading was the first type of PMU treatment to revolutionize and modernize brow tattooing. So the traditional, perfectly sculpted microbladed brow is definitely a staple, but most of the new microblading styles build on that and combine traditional manual microblading with machine brow shading - powder brows.. But for the purposes of this guide, we'll.

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Microblading Healing Process. During the first seven days, the microbladed skin may itch, which is normal. Itching and inflammation can be soon resolved through proper care. The healing time varies in different people according to the skin type from 14 to 30 days.

Microblading with machine. My top 5 surprising differences.

Machine hair strokes are a tad bit pricier than traditional microblading methods. Typically, a nano blading service can cost about $500 and go up to $2,000. The price varies on who you're getting the service from and where. This is because machine hair strokes require more labor and expertise, which justifies the higher price.


When it comes to doing eyebrows, it's different strokes for different folks. Should you pivot from the traditional technique of microblading, or embrace the flexibility of doing nano brows? In this article, we're showing artists how they can embrace the best of both worlds.

Another Blade & Shade (Microblading + Machine Shading). I do the

Microblading with machine lasts around 2 years on average, while strokes drawn manually fade within 18 months for more clients. Of course, these are only tendencies, not rules. Apart from skin type, the pace of pigment fading depends on body chemistry and lifestyle, but generally, digital strokes last a few months longer than manual ones.

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The microblading process needs several paths. The machine-based procedure could be done with one path. 3. Healing process and healed result : Microblading has a healed result of 30-80% with a longer healing process with special aftercare. The machine-based process has a healed result of 50-90% and almost no aftercare is required as it's easy.